Information as narrative

At SFPG content creation means taking information and creatively telling a story, using words, graphics and animation.

We pride ourselves on providing Web developers with informational components for their clients. It might be a sales training module that makes learning fun. Or it might be a complete presenatation of a new product or service.

Such was the case when we were asked to help Broadband Associates, a software startup, introduce their new M.Show service.


How do you promote a product that has no precedent? Do you explain what the product does, who the company is or the benefits potential customers could enjoy? M.Show is the first live, multimedia presentation service that's delivered over the Internet.

The biggest challenge was defining what M.Show was since there was nothing like it around. M.Show was part software, part service and completely unique. Clients can now hold live teleconferences, with complete interaction from all participants, and have the added impact of a multimedia presentation.

Broadband wanted the look of the product to reflect its purpose - unique, cutting edge, with a good solid business purpose.

The Approach

SFPG developed a strategy that centered on three key thoughts: Establishing the "M" as an icon, identifying that "Show" in M.Show means just that - it's much more than just a presentation and underscoring the concept that M.Show is unique in the marketplace - it has to be seen and experienced to be appreciated. The tag line "Like No Show You've Ever Seen" was generated and logo and overall design were developed.

To help sell M.Show, SFPG created an interactive computer presentation for the sales force, so they could demonstrate the M.Show experience to potential clients.

The Upside

On October 1st, M.Show was launched after having successfully defined itself as a brand and as the player in a new market that's estimated to be $1 Billion over the next five years.


Dave Mackie - Director
Drew Fiero - Designer
Clara Cramer - Designer
Chip Breitweiser - Artist
Leroy Clark - Sound Designer
Brad Mowrey - Programmer