With SFPG's background in CD-ROM game development, we're uniquely situated to provide animation and content modules for multimedia developers. Our practical experience in "infotainment" helps us to convey information that's engaging and effective.

When asked to help Vanstar, a leading systems integrator, with an interactive recruiting device delivered on CD-ROM, our challenge was to create visually strong material to captivate and maintain interest, and at the same time, convey content to engage a technically sophisticated audience.


Director David Mackie shot blue screen video footage of Vanstar President Jay Amato and CEO Bill Tauscher, along with interviews of 4 Vanstar employees. The CD-ROM program weaves together the story of Vanstar's vision and mission along with human interest stories. Some questions asked are, "What is it like to work for Vanstar?" and "What career opportunities exist?" These and other questions are answered within a fast-paced interactive presentation interlaced with compelling graphics and an intuitive user interface. The website retains the look and feel of the CD-ROM while accommodating the lower bandwidth.


Taken together, these two communication tools are successfully being used by recruiters to reach prospective employees with the Vanstar interest and qualifications. The CD-ROM provides a unique window on the Vanstar culture, while the website provides a wide viewing audience with updated information relevant to their needs. Because these two venues were conceived and implemented simultaneously, cost savings were achieved that would have otherwise been lost.


David Mackie: Designer, Director
Paul Folger: Digital Video
Chip Breitweiser: Artist
Jeff Dewey: Programmer
Leroy Clark: Sound Design