The Client

LaFong Productions' John Sanborn and Michael Kaplan approached SFPG to create animated scenes and special effects for Comedy Central. Producer/Director Sanborn sought out the team at SFPG to create the opening title sequence as well as special effects throughout "Frank Leaves for the Orient."

The Show

The look the director wanted was one of youthful energy and fun that spanned the decades. The sequence opens with a burst of color and amorphous blobs animated in Macromedia Flash. Fluid backgrounds were layered with live action bubbles of the show's main characters singing along with the wacky theme song. SFPG artists working in After Effects created exciting moving type elements to introduce the actors and creators of "Frank Leaves for the Orient."

Special effects were essential to this comedy's overall feel and were required in over 25 different instances. Flames erupted, stars appeared, heads exploded and eyeballs popped. SFPG created these scenes largely in After Effects and made a very tight deadline. Deadlines aside, it all added up to a very funny show.


Drew Fiero - Creative Director
Mark Fiore - Animator
Dylan Champagne - Animator
Carlos Cabrales - Effects
Alex Tropiec - Effects
Paul Folger - Effects